WWD recently reported sales for shapewear went through the roof last year. A credit to the popular resurgence of body suits– the new couture-spin on 80’s “let’s get physical” leotards embraced by Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. The craze for shapewear companies like Spanx and the rising Body Magic brand takes women back to 40s and 50s when women wouldn’t be caught dead without their girdles. Today these products are must-haves for starlets like Tyra Banks and Katie Holmes and loads of everyday women. Oh yes, us included!

In a just released preview, The Cut shows the new break-through collection of shapewear designed by one of our faves, Cynthia Rowley. Rowley’s new SLIM line is genius for upgrading what is usually a bland, color-less garment used to smooth out any unwanted rolls, guts and “back-fat.” Rowley’s gorgeous color-blocking could possibly usher in a new era for designer shapewear. Much like wearing sexy, cutesy lingerie–just because no one else can see it, doesn’t mean we can’t go fab!

The line launches in July with prices retailed from $118 to $226. Whew! Many of us may wait for a hopeful Cynthia Rowley for Target collection. And we just know Victoria Secret will join in soon! How hot would that be?

Are you loving this new sexy spin on shapewear?

Photo Source: Lee Clower

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