Hosting Saturday Night Live is the unofficial Hollywood rites of passage. With an Oscar-nomination in tow, the once obscure Harlem girl Gabby Sibide has arrived. SNL is notorious for weaving controversy into comedy. The suspense is building to see how the series will play up Gabby’s appearance tonight. The Precious star had a heck of year. Most notably facing the media’s onslaught of negative criticism around her weight.

We all know the SNL way. Stars routinely host the show poking fun at their latest public obstacles. It’s “I’m not taking myself too seriously, I can laugh at myself” kinda of performance. Needless to say, we’ll be watching to see how SNL writers handle Gabby’s weight and the challenges her Precious character experienced. Certainly no easy feat for live TV. But from what we’ve seen, Gabby can handle it. The new actress has demonstrated a fearless attitude and as the promo flicks reveal, she is absolutely hilarious! Saturday Night Live airs tonight on NBC at 11:30 (ET).

Are you watching?

Photo Source: V Magazine

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