The Freaknik makes a comeback in Atlanta this weekend. The once annual event began in the 1980s as a picnic for college students. Later in the 1990s, the event morphed into a full-fledged spring break generating thousands around the country. The Freaknik became notorious for its parties, rapper appearances, basketball tournaments and dancing. Later with the event’s increase of crime and rowdiness, city officials shut down the Freaknik in 1999.

Atlanta officials reveal the event hasn’t secured permits within city limits, but they are still preparing for loads of visitors. Mayor of Atlanta Kasim Reed, says he will be strict on event organizers and will sue for any city violations.

Although it seems the return of the infamous event yields unpleasant reactions from city government, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, college-aged students have mixed opinions. Some students are excited while others in fear of violence want nothing to do with the resurrected event. Looks like those planning to attend will have two events to choose from. Sources reveal there is an iFreaknik and Freaknic organized by two different groups both occurring throughout the state of Georgia this weekend.

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