From The BVX — Like any red-blooded man, I appreciate a woman with a nice rump. She doesn’t need a Serena Williams-like donk to catch my eye, but like André 3000 said, “she just needs something well proportioned to her body.” Oh, and unlike the Booty Pop, the butt must be real.

You’d think a “real” rump would be a given, but as big butts go mainstream, those afflicted with n’ass’at’all are doing whatever they can to join the booty bandwagon. First, it was butt implants and injections that literally put a woman’s ass on the line, however now there are less-dangerous-yet-just-as-fraudulent booty enhancers, namely the Booty Pop.

In addition to the Biniki, which is basically a push-up bra for female backsides, the Booty Pop is a pair of panties that are padded to increase a woman’s confidence. I don’t care how many catchy names advertisers hatch for these things, I’ll call them exactly what they are — lies. I understand the pressure that less endowed women must endure to compete with their shapely counterparts, but false advertisement is not the answer. Being self-conscious about the lack of motion in your backfield is one thing, but getting caught with your stuffed panties down is even worse. Seriously, a chick tricks a guy into thinking she has a fatty only for him to get her clothes off and discover… butt pads? Man, what a gyp.

It’s bad enough guys have to deal with fake hair, eyes and even personalities, but now we have to keep our eyes peeled for fake booties, too. Is nothing sacred? As an adamant ass man, I draw the line at the Booty Pop. I like real butts and I cannot lie.

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