From The BVX — We already know that celebrities have caused their fair share of drama on Twitter (think: Chris Brown, Asher Roth, etc.) But what happens when a celebrity’s body part or personal possession has a mind of its own and a corresponding Twitter account?

It was bound to happen in this age of TMZ and social networking sites, fans (and haters) have taken to Twitter and created accounts that poke fun at celebrities as if their body parts, belongings and even careers were doing the trash-talking.

One thing is for sure, these celeb-related Twitter accounts are usually salacious, scathing and pretty funny. One example is the page dedicated to Whitney Houston’s crack pipe, where the piece of drug paraphernalia declares that it and Houston still see each other quite frequently. These crazy timelines have even blossomed into a niche community — like 50 Cent’s Arm, LeBronsHairLine or Aliciakeyszit — where the celeb-inspired pages have pseudo-beefs (e.g. Drake’s Knee versus Drake’s Hairline). Check out our round-up of the funniest celeb-dedicated Twitter pages below.

Beyonce’s Weave
Followers: 320
If Beyoncé won’t tweet, her weave will. This feisty faux coiffure isn’t taking any mess while quoting twisted Beyoncé lyrics like “I be on that hot comb like everyday,” spoofing Bey’s single “Radio.” But don’t push this Weave because it has a fierce alter ego of it’s own and stays beefing with Bee’s Lacefront.

Brandy’s Hairline
Followers: 77
With every tweet, Brandy’s Hairline receives a one pound bag of Yaki synthetic hair. In between beefing with almost every other celeb’s hair, Brandy’s Hairline reminisces about the days it could support dookie braids.

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