Critics over the pond slammed R&B veteran, Whitney Houston’s first UK performance in 11 years on Tuesday night. Rumors that fans were so frustrated with Houston’s performance that they left out of the Birmingham concert in droves are not backed by reviews. Some reviewers actually managed to say nice things about the singer’s show. But this isn’t all media hype. The video below says it all. Fans roared with excitement, singing along as Houston transitioned into one of music’s best selling hits, “I Will Always Love You.” Sadly, Houston’s crackling voice at the song’s emotional climax was not only disappointing, but to her legions of devoted fans, it’s nearly heartbreaking. Several media sources claim to no end that the “Queen of the Night” is done. But is this really true? Are we witnessing the fall of one of music’s most celebrated stars?

Can Whitney still blow? You be the judge. Listen closely at (4:34)

Photo Source: Guardian UK

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  • Brigid

    She sounds like a bad karaoke version of herself. Sad.