Erykah Badu may really need a ‘window seat’ now. The Dallas Police Headquarters held a press conference this afternoon announcing their plans to charge Badu with a disorderly conduct citation. The charge is a Class C misdemeanor punishable with a fine up to $500.00. Reportedly a complaint was filed yesterday by Ida Espinoza, a 32 year-old Vernon, Texas resident. According to the police report, the woman said the filming took place in the presence of the woman and her daughter. Badu has been quoted indicating that she knew children were present and she “prayed they wouldn’t be traumatized.” The Dallas Police Department however, has no way of confirming the woman and her daughter were actually present. Which means Espinoza could have very well watched the video at home like the rest of America and later decided to file a complaint. Ummm?

When asked what his thoughts were on the singer’s charge, Dallas Police Sergent, Warren C. Mitchell stated, “I don’t want it to appear as if the Dallas Police Department has an opinion one way or another. It is against the law, and we will cite you.” The ‘Window Seat’ singer tweeted a response during the live press conference. Badu wrote, “Are you watching, America?”


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