Delmy Rivera, the lady behind the blog Fashion Bananas is bringing a Bronx edge to the Web’s massive blogosphere. Her understated yet ultra feminine style offers a cutesy compliment to her comprehensive chronicle of street style, makeup tutorials and everyday muses. But what we appreciate most about Delmy’s blog is that it goes beyond fashion, it’s also about family and love.

We caught up with Delmy to discuss the Fashion Banana’s inspiration, some of her most coveted designers and how she balances life with blogging.

Clutch: What is the inspiration behind Fashion Bananas, when did you start blogging?
Delmy: I started blogging in September 2008. Every day inspires me to try something new. Street style, makeup looks, art, and new places are all inspirations.

Clutch: There are loads of personal style blogs, what gives Fashion Bananas it’s edge?
Delmy: Fashion Bananas is not all about my personal style. Its about my personal life, family, love and makeup tutorials.

Clutch: What are some of your favorite designers and beauty products?
Delmy: So many, but Marc Jacobs, YSL, and Chloe are a few. Dior Iconic Eye shadow is favorite of mine and must-have along with Benefit’s erase paste.

Clutch: What’s your day job? How do you balance working and blogging?
Delmy: I work with the best. SHOES and Makeup! Its pretty hard at times. I went from posting 4 times a week to 1 time a week. I’m still trying to make it work along with running my own shop at Shopdelmy.Bigcartel.com.

Clutch: How did growing up in the Bronx influence your personal style?
Delmy: It didn’t actually. If anything I stand out. My sister along with my mom and her Spanish fashion magazines were all the inspiration I had and needed in my teens.

Clutch: What kind of exciting opportunities have you been rewarded since you started Fashion Bananas?
Delmy: I had the opportunity to work with Lucky Magazine. I have received the best goodies ever! But most importantly it has given me the chance to express myself freely and connect with the most amazing people. Kinda cheesy, but I have become a better person every since I started Fashion Bananas.

Clutch: What advice would you give to someone just starting a personal style blog?
Delmy: Don’t change for anyone. Be yourself and have fun with it.

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