After losing 60 lbs since the birth of her son last August, Jennifer Hudson will be the new spokeswoman for the enterprise that made it all possible, WeightWatchers.

In her anticipation of her new campaign, Hudson declares,  “I have been losing weight with WeightWatchers, and I feel great. I’m excited to share my progress, my favorite things, my blog and more… I’m learning so much about healthy living, and I’m proud of how far I’ve come. One of the things I am most excited about in my life right now is that I can finally tell everyone what I have been doing to lose weight. It has been so hard not to say I’ve been following WeightWatchers, especially since people are constantly complimenting me on how I look. Really, I’ve been dying to tell people what my ‘secret’ is!”

The Oscar award winning singer known for her full-figured frame also explains that her choice to shed pounds has to do more with presenting a healthy lifestyle for her son than anything else.

“I was very comfortable with myself before. It’s just, OK, I have a child now and I want to set a great example for him. (It’s about) making better life choices, health choices, and just creating a good example for him. It’s about balance.”

Expect to see JHud in her new role as WeightWatchers’ spokeswoman beginning this Easter Sunday (Sunday, April 4).

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