Mary J. Blige joins the celebrity scent club as she readies the ‘My Life’ fragrance with Carol’s Daughter. Named after her highly influential 1994 album, Mary says the fragrance much like her album represents a major turning point in her life.

Speaking exclusively to WWD, Mary shares, “I was crying out for help, because I was going through so much and four million women said, ‘Mary, we’re going through it too, but you’re helping us by calling on us.'” The 39-year-old artist will release ‘My Life’ as a special tribute to women.

We’re certainly exhausted with the overload of celebrity fragrance brands but there’s something about ‘My Life’ that maintains a sacred place in our coming of age. Maybe ‘My Life’–the fragrance version will spark a sensory nostalgia–memories of us bumping timeless joints like “Be Happy,” and “You Gotta Believe.” If ‘My Life’ smells as good as it sounds, we’re doubling up!

‘My Life’ scent will be available July 31 exclusively on HSN.

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