One of the most sacred and intimate things a woman can do for a man is reveal her morning face. You know, when you let down your guard and allow him to spend the night. But for many of us, the undisguised openness ends there. We’re hopping out the bed, dashing into the bathroom before he beholds that dreaded morning face.

Some of our morning faces gives a swollen, crusty eye, stained drools on the cheek presentation to the men we share our beds with. Not to mention that trusty silk hair scarf we can’t live without. We’re not messing up our dos permed or natural for any man. It’s unreasonable to hide under the sheets every morning. There are some men who want to cuddle or have a little early rise, ummm…you know *wink*

Many of us wish we could magically wake up looking like the ladies we are just before we walk out of the door every morning-glam’d out, fabulous, like when he first approached us. Sadly this is not the case, our men could easily roll over to an au naturel face and that often unpleasant au naturel breath.

So what’s the verdict ladies, how soon will you let him see your morning face?

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