If you are looking for the hottest trend in design and beauty check go global. International influences are being felt in everything from throw pillows to sun dresses to the latest shade of lipstick. Designers, beauty industry leaders and makeup artists are incorporating the global feel into the way they create and use products.

A great way to incorporate the global trend into your every day life is to add a little touch into your current wardrobe. You don’t want to go head to toe with just any one look so its best to add bits and pieces of your favorite trend to your current wardrobe. A fun way to do that is with Goody Accessories Spring Foreign Exchange Collection (Price Varies, Walmart Stores Nationwide Mid-April.) The flora and faunas of exotic lands around the globe inspired this exciting collection. The Foreign Exchange line includes pieces like adorable Marzipan barrettes, sophisticated Sultan of Chic Headband, beautiful Moroccan Headwraps and sweet Kimono Headband. Goody incorporated a wide range of influences and styles into this modern collection. Every piece that Goody thoughtfully incorporated into Foreign Exchange works to give you a beautiful global spin on your favorite hair accessories. Giving even the simplest hair style an exotic twist.

Goody has sent hair accessories on a world tour. Picking up fun influences and styles a long the way. Exotic designs in bold colors or with fun trinkets or twists have life and energy that will transform your look. Explore a little and bring out your whimsical side out this season with Goody’s Foreign Exchange Collection.

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