I like to consider myself an honest and straightforward person. So before I even start this week Must Have Monday product review I am going to be upfront with everyone reading. I LOVE makeup artist Mally Roncal. I love catching her on QVC, watching Mally TV on her website and reading all the great tips she gives. Her bubbly personality, experience and in depth knowledge of the beauty industry always intrigues me. She really knows her stuff and her cosmetics line delivers. So I am coming out and admitting that I am a HUGE fan of Mally and her line.

But I try to not let my Mally love  cloud my judgment of new products from her line when I try them out. And as hard as it is I think I do a pretty good job of focusing in on products I am fortunate enough to try and give a fair review. So this week as I tried out the new Forever Silk Liquid Eyeshadow by Mally Beauty ($25, exclusively at qvc.com) I blocked out all of my love for other Mally products and focused my unbiased attention on the shadow.

Forever Silk Eyeshadow is a smooth formula that wakes up eyes and delivers smooth, creaseless wear. The shadow has a versatile high performance formula that is paired with a special, ultra soft applicator to smooth on, blend beautifully, then set and stay through put. You can smooth it on easily and it blends effortlessly. And the colors, Silk Champagne, Silk Brown Sugar and Silk Cognac wear beautifully on a range of skin tones. This shadow is unlike any other product you have ever tried. Forever Silk Liquid Eyeshadow will bring vitality, light and sparkle to your eye.

This is an amazing product that might cause you join the Mally love camp. Forever Silk Eyeshadow will become a must have staple in your beauty bag. And that is coming from my unbiased opinion.

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