A little bit of appreciation goes along way. Let your boss know how much you appreciated her support and expertise on your latest project and you might find your name on the short list for promotions. Let a waiter know that you appreciate his professionalism and courteous manner and you might get a free dessert. Call a friend mid year and let her know how much you appreciate her friendship and your friendship might even get stronger. People enjoy being appreciated. Your hair is no different.

When is the last time you said, “Thank you hair for sticking around during all the mistakes and bad ideas I subjected you to.” Think about all the damaging processes, crazy colors and ridiculous styles you have put your hair through. And even through all of that, it stuck around (well maybe not all of it). Even when you cursed it for not “acting right today.”

Well its time to show your hair a little appreciation. I have complied a list of some amazing products that will make your hair feel and look its best. Products that will keep hair moisturized, hydrated, silky, smooth and conditioned. Appreciate your hair by showing you really do care. Maybe both of you can forget about the glued blonde weave in 95’.

Elasta QP Feels Like Silk Reflect Sheen Spray ($3.49, walgreens.com) This advanced vitamin-rich spray imparts a crystal-clear glossy brilliance without adding weight. The organic formula infuses restorative conditioners that strengthen hair from deep inside. The ultra-fine mist provides long-lasting shine that revitalizes dull, dry hair. Perfect for natural, braided, texturized and relaxed hairstyles.

Dr. Miracles Healing Leave in Treatment & Conditioner ($5.99, drmiracles.com) A wonderful Leave in Treatment & Conditioner that actually works. Works to heal hair and scalp problems. Continues the unique “feel it” formula that provides a tingling sensation supporting strong growing hair & healthy scalp. Restores, revitalizes and conditions the cuticle for smooth & super strong hair. The treatment also stimulates blood flow to the scalp. Helps to end breakage, split ends, and dry lifeless hair.

Profectiv MegaGrowth Growth Lotion ($4.99, sallysbeauty.com) A super lightweight daily moisturizer that smoothes and protects hair. Helps to guard against heat-styling damage with a non-greasy formula. Helps to replenish moisture and shine while restoring vital nutrients to the hair shaft. Infuses strength and bridges “cracks” in hair that can lead to breakage. Penetrates deeply to provide maximum benefits and results.

Oyin Handmade Honey-Hemp Conditioner ($11, oyinhandmade.com) A creamy rinse-out conditioner that penetrates deeply and leaves you with healthy hair. The silky blend is enriched with aloe vera gel, hemp oil, honey, and hydrolyzed silk protein that helps to detangle and moisturize. It rinses cleanly and also makes a nice pre-shampoo deep conditioning treatment. It can even be used as a creamy, nourishing leave-in to keep hair soft.

Anita Grant Organic Sapote & Coconut Pomade ($13.50, anitagrant.com) For sheen, hold & silkiness grab this lovely pomade. It is a nourishing, non-greasy styling pomade excellent for rejuvenating coils and waves, keeping stray hairs in place and giving hair definition. Helps to create smooth, controlled styles while promoting healthy hair growth. A great way to style your hair without damaging it.

Jane Carter Hair Nourishing Serum ($20, janecartersolution.com) If you haven’t taken care of your hair in the past then grab this serum. This 100% natural, pure essential oil with vitamins nourishes and repairs excessively damaged hair. It is designed to be used on all hair types and textures and is extremely light. Acts as a liposome to carry the vitamins into the cortex of your hair to strengthen and restore it. It’s a must for dry hair of all textures that have been damaged in the past.

Curls Quenched Curls Moisturizer ($16, target.com) Curls can be the least appreciated of all hair types. Curly hair can dehydrate easily if not given lots of attention and moisture. Give your curls what they want with this moisturizer. Formulated with certified organic ingredients, this daily curl moisturizer is a curl lifesaver. You can use this daily or alone as a 2nd day curl refresher or any other way you want. A great way to hydrate curls.

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  • Lilia
  • M Dot H


    Don’t we have other things to argue about? It’s bad enough that there is so much tension among women in the black community, why let something as minor as hair be yet another reason to perpetuate the hate. What about helping each other find ways to progress on the job? What about discussing ways for us to achieve the same opportunities as whites? What about discussing ways that we can actually be acknowledged for being educated? What about discussing how we can go about finding a suitable partner? What about talking about how to be a role model? There are just so many other issues on the table that require our attention other than how someone chooses to wear their hair. I personally just started wearing my hair without a relaxer and i love it. But what my friends do to their hair doesn’t affect me one bit. Why? Because I love them for who they are… not what they have on top of their head.

    I guess what I’m saying is that at the end of the day, I need to be around people that understand me, who will listen to me, who can help me… I need to be around people that I can lend a hand to, who I can be support for. So when things get down to the nitty gritty, hair has nothing to do with what we need to achieve together.



  • dvine

    does these products work on natural hair? n where can i find them.. i’ve only heard of the “Dr. Miracles, Protective and Elasta products”.