From The BVX — The weather’s warmer and that means it’s “game on” for guys and girls looking for spring and summer flings. But wait a minute fellas, some of you need a refresher course on the rules of engagement so theBVX is giving you one woman’s perspective on the five biggest “don’ts” of hollering.

1. Honking: Losers in automobiles.

If my girlfriends and I had the power to remove horns from men’s steering wheels permanently, we would. I particularly can’t stand the guys who honk while I’m walking in the crosswalk. After you startled me half to death I’m supposed to look up, smile and ask to ride shotgun, right? Negro please.

2. Pssssssssssssssssssssssssst-ing: The cat-call is for actual cats.

I’m not in grade school anymore therefore it isn’t cute to try to get my attention like this. Grow up. Try expanding your vocabulary to “Hello” or “Can I talk to you for a second?” If I’m in a hurry you might still get shut down but at least I won’t walk away thinking you’re an idiot.

3. Telling us to smile: Your command doesn’t make us happy.

“C’mon sweetheart, it can’t be that bad, you can’t smile?” Although you may think this is a sure way to get an instant smile out of us, you’re sadly mistaken. I don’t understand how people are expected to walk down the street smiling all the time. How about I’ll smile when I have something to smile about, until then get off my back.

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