On “Where Are Black Men’s Voices in ‘Single Black Woman’ Commentary”

modern lady said:

“Who honestly cares about the 12:1-all I need is one. If you look hard enough, you can find him. Not having a college education doesn’t exclude a man from dating me….why would it? A lot of intelligent men NEVER go to college and are still a success in life. My Father, a Ground Manager for United, provided well for our family & he only had a GED. And I know I’m going to lose some people on this next point, but having been in jail doesn’t NECESSARILY mean you shouldn’t date him, either; depending on what the offense was. I mean…lest we forget Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X were both incarcerated in their lifetimes.”

On “It is Rape Culture”

thinkpink said:

“The enormous pain attached to the word rape doesn’t seem to be realized anymore. I constantly hear boys at my school use it as a form of slang. “I raped that test dude” It terrifies me to think that such a serious thing is taken so lightly. Women being viewed as a sexual object that can be used at a man’s convenience without consent seems to be a more prevalent way of thinking nowadays and its extremely heartbreaking.”

On “How to Make it in America: The Broken Promise to Black 80’s Babies

B.Brown said:

“As a graduating senior of the Class of 2010, this article is exactly what I needed for encouragement. Being born into a educated middle class family, the pursuit of excellence and the standard of higher education was supplemented with encouragement from family and piers. Commencing into a world and economy that is not ready to accept us is a fear that many of my piers are not ready to come to terms with. Although America has broken its “promise” to us..I encourage my fellow Generation Y’ers to continue to do well and exercise the resilience that we all possess.. BFB II”

On Our Vivian Green Interview, “Vivian Green: I am Beautiful”

Tiffany Young said:

“Wow, well if it wasn’t for this article I wouldn’t have even known that Vivian Green’s third album is out. It’s a shame all the great artists are the ones put on the back burner. I loooooooovvveed her first album.”

On “Why Do We Get Married?”

AnonyMiss said:

“It definitely has lost its appeal. I’m nineteen years old and I’ve heard way too many people my age [both men and women] say they are never going to get married and don’t want kids. To each his own but for someone like me this is a problem because I want that happy marriage with children and all that but it’s so hard to find someone who is really bout it and hasn’t become absorbed in this sex crazed money worshiping society. I haven’t lost hope though. But I don’t think I will be getting married as early as I once thought I would.”

On “Spare Me the Details”

Ash said

“I agree that PEOPLE (men AND women) should not tell their sexual business to anyone and everyone. But its funny how so many people think that its women who should keep quiet but its okay for men to say things about the women they sleep with and how well they “put it down” and no one thinks twice.”

On “I’m Too Pretty for Makeup”

Keebo said:

“I don’t wear makeup unless I have somewhere special to go – I don’t care. Will not give others grief for wearing too much, just enough or non at all. If some people think they’re too pretty for it or need makeup to be attractive then It’s their preference? I wouldn’t comment either way (unless they’re walking behind me looking like Bozo the clown or Marilyn Manson).”

On this week’s discussion topic, “Can Whitney Still Blow?”

Black Bot said:

“One performance can’t represent her over all ability. Perhaps she was just having a bad day.”

Zee also said:

“Blow air?

On our an earlier discussion topic, “Does Oprah Escape Race?”

Get Togetha said:

“Oprah doesn’t escape the attack of racial prejudice if we’re talking about the anonymous posters that lambast her as a fat black woman or the people who wish to roast Barack over slow coals or the people who threw Molotov cocktails through Dr. King’s window while his family slept. But I think some people have the natural ability to transcend race and become citizens of the world. Oprah, Barack, Martin, Bob Marley are prime examples. And while they are quite aware that they are black they realize that it’s worthless to keep yourself in the constricting confines of a racial construct.”

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