From The Grio —  It just wasn’t meant to be. Call it karma, but the golf gods weren’t on Tiger Woods side during the final round of The Masters at Augusta National Golf Club.

From his first tee shot on Sunday afternoon, which he brutally hooked, Woods struggled with his swing, bogeying three of his first five holes. His eagle on the seventh hole and back-to-back birdies on the eighth and ninth holes were merely a tease for fans hoping for a miraculous comeback.

Woods trailed just three strokes heading into the back nine but saw his chances of winning evaporate on the 11th hole. He hit his tee shot into the trees and striking a pine tree on his second shot, setting up for a bogey on the hole.

Woods finished tied for fourth with an 11-under 277, five strokes behind winner and rival Phil Mickelson.

Mickelson avoided his typical Sunday meltdown and shot 16-under 272 for a three-stroke victory over Lee Westwood. It was Mickelson’s third green jacket and his fourth overall major championship.

Of all the people Woods had to watch celebrate at the 18th hole, it’s fitting that it was his long time rival in Mickelson, whose personal stories are night and day at this point in their careers.

On the one hand, you have Woods coming back from a four-month self-imposed hiatus following a scandalous sex scandal that nearly destroyed his marriage and public image.

And on the other hand, you have Mickelson, who was struggling all year on the PGA Tour while dealing with his wife and mother’s battle with breast cancer. Mickelson’s wife, Amy, traveled to Augusta to be with her husband but the medication for her cancer treatment forced her to remain in bed all weekend – – until the 18th hole with her husband one hole away from victory.

Did you really think the karma gods were going to let good win over evil? Not even Tiger’s golf game could defeat fate.

Woods did his best though, battling a 20-week layoff from the PGA Tour and the immense pressure of knowing that all eyes were glued on him all weekend.

Nobody, not even Tiger, could have predicted the type of round Woods would have on Thursday. (Continue Reading Article @ The Grio…)

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  • Karma? Is the writer aware that Augusta went out of their way to “Tiger proof” their course, he has a history of poor outings there and that Tiger has not won it since 2005?

  • Jay

    Spare me the ‘karma’ talk, for all you know Mickleson is another John Edwards.

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  • binky

    OMG…Karma, really? I’ am not a fan of Tiger Woods or golf in general but give me a break! His personal life has nothing to do with his ability as a golfer or him losing. He can’t win all the time, I think the media needs to let his scandal go and move on. People get cheated on everyday, it is no big deal and finally I have a hard time believing that his wife didn’t know of his cheating beforehand…really, your husband has 13 mistresses on the side and you didn’t know, that sounds suspect so I’ am not throwing him under the bus because their is two sides to every story houdini I have my doubts

    @ Jay, I so agree. People need to stop judging books by their covers we don’t know any of these people personally so we can’t say who is good or better than the next

    • binky

      meant to say….unless he is houdini, I have my doubts

  • Jay

    Thank you Binky