Seems like VH1 has taken a hint from it’s rival reality-focused network, Bravo. The debut of shows like, “What Chilli Wants” and “Basketball Wives” centering on a stimulus of nearly obscured Black female celebrities or wives of celebrities is presenting VH1 viewers with a representation of wealthy and reasonably mature African American women. Or is it a celebrity-focused stab at Bravo’s cash-cow franchise, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”? These new shows, all on a Sunday line-up are a striking contrast from shows like, “Flavor of Love” and “I Love New York.”

AP Entertainment Writer, Derrik J. Lang offers a fascinating interpretation of VH1’s new black female face (no pun intended). According to Lang, “The cable network synonymous with “Flavor of Love” and its sleazy spin-offs is trading trampiness for fabulousness with a new slate of series starring seemingly well-adjusted rich and famous black Americans. VH1 executive vice president Jeff Olde admits that the shift from oh-no-they-didn’t fare to more mature material is totally intentional.”

Okay, did he really say, “oh no you didn’t fare”? I’m sure there are a number of other descriptors for Tiffany Pollard’s stereotypical “New York” caricature, but we completely understand where Lang is trying to take this. Here’s a tip, how about VH1 return to the music network it was suppose to be? Remember when the network was straight up music education 101 with shows like, “Legends” and it’s signature “Behind the Music” series?

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