In the words of DJ Beverly Bond – BLACK. GIRLS. ROCK. But, truth is, we also can play a hell of a mean POLKA!! In fact, as I look around at the genre-bending creativity of today’s music scene, I’m really amazed at how many talented young sisters are experimenting with musical forms which go beyond the usual fare. No longer are black and brown women relegated to only Hip Hop, Reggae and R&B, these days we’re mixing it up lovely with Folk, Funk, Classical, Acid Jazz, Electro-Industrial, Operatic Pop, Hardcore Punk, Gothic Metal, Swing, techno, Bebop – you name it. Here are just a few lovely, music makin‘ ladies who refuse to be pigeonholed:

If you like Lady Gaga,  you’ll love Maluca Mala. The New York based Dominican artist gives all new meaning to the word, “outrageous.” This attitude poppin’, house-shoe rockin’ mamacita is all about creating a cult of personality (peep how she used beer cans as rollers way before Gaga). But, Maluca is not just image. She delivers the musical goods, as it were, with a unique style she describes as “ghetto-tech-house-tropical.”

Listen to tracks and check out the latest news about her album dropping here.

If you dig Bjork, you need to peep OH MY GOODNESS. Not that she sounds anything at all like the Icelandic pop icon, but OH MY GOODNESS has the same kind of quirky, eccentric, humor-loving and rule-braking, avante-pop sensibility. She sings songs about “Bubble Baths,” “Two-headed sweaters” “Crossword” puzzles and “Rollerblading in the Everglades.” And, she has that same sharp wit and “it” thing (whatever that is) which appeals to both your silliness and your intellect at the same time. She’s just an original.

Listen to some of the uncategorizable OMG tracks here.

If you grooved on GRACE JONES and GEORGE CLINTON, you’ll go bonkers for EBONY BONES. Outrageous don’t even begin to cover it. The British singer-songwriter brings the funk and the noise, with musical influences that range the gamut from the sounds of her “washing machine” to the hustle and bustle of busy London streets. EBONY BONES is a veritable colorful carnival “fete des yeux,” highly aware of how audiences of this generation often listen “to music with their eyes.” But, don’t let the uber-colorful exterior fool ya. EBONY’S prime mission is to create music which just “looks like it’s about nothing,“ but is truly “about something.”

Listen to tracks and check out EBONY’s videos here.

If you’re a JONI MITCHELL/ODETTA HOLMES/ANI DIFRANCO type of girl, you really need to check out the musical stylings of contemporary folk artist, DORIA ROBERTS. With a unforgettably integrated style that fuses elements of blues, jazz, pop and more, ROBERTS writes songs which are deeply socially conscious and political, yet come off as far more personal than preachy.

Check out this talented singer/songwriter here.

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