The creators of the ‘Wire’ debuted ‘Treme’ (pronounced truh-MAY) Sunday night and the Emmy buzz is stirring. ‘Treme’ is a new HBO post-Katrina series dedicated to an old New Orleans neighborhood known for it’s authenticity and music. Set in 2005, the show stars Wendell Pierce, Clarke Peters, Khandi Alexander, John Goodman and Davis McAlary.

The series reveals how residents pick up the pieces after one of the deadliest hurricanes in U.S. history. But ‘Treme’ is no mournful watch. The soul, the heartbeat, and the music of this celebrated city are detailed using the most imaginative cinematography. ‘Treme’ will do for New Orleans, what ‘Sex and the City’ did for New York. ‘Treme’ won’t romanticize New Orleans or sing a broken song, it gets down to the gritty truth-a rightful observance of a city obscured. ‘Treme’ launches almost simultaneously after Federal prosecutors accused the New Orleans Police for shooting unarmed civilians. ‘Treme’ is timely and sincerely undisguised.

Many of us helplessly watched people who look like us struggle immeasurably. We watched as they became branded as criminal looters and lost much of what they owned. ‘Treme’ takes viewers inside the circumference of broken levees, giving New Orleans the poetic justice it deserves.

Watch ‘Treme’ Sundays on HBO at 10pm.  See the trailer below.

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