Well, the “Acapella” singer is undoubtedly feeling animalistic. Word is it could be a contemporary play on the historic sphinx. Either way Kelis is giving you half woman – half animal fierceness in art work for her fifth studio album Flesh Tone. Clearly the singer has a love for animals and a love for furry statement pieces. We’re hoping PETA won’t launch another attack, because we all know how bossy this Harlem chick can get. We’re marveling Kelis’ provocative and archival challenges to conventional fashion and photography. Flesh Tone will be in stores July 6!

Are you digging Kelis’ half animal spin? Sound off!

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  • WTH? Can’t get with it at all! She looks FOOLISH!

  • neosouless

    i thought “bitch” when i saw this image. maybe a more direct connection to the sphinx would work for me. definitely an “a” for effort.

  • C

    In all actuality, that was stolen from David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs album cover (inside) which was stolen from the Egyptian Sphinx. She’s even lying down in the same pose.