Beyonce gets fabulous in pieces for one of Europe’s largest retailers C&A. An acronym for Clemens and August Brenninkmeijer, the store has been outfitting folks across the pond since 1861. Beyonce spreads her global influence in fashion from her very own House of Dereon brand to Samantha Thavasa handbags. Unless your packing for a trip abroad to Italy, Spain or Austria you can only gawk at C&A’s latest collection. Yea we’re in it for the photos! Why not?

Could Beyonce be taking her modeling to the next level à la Ciara? You be the judge!

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  • love Beyonce but hopes not. leave it to Ciara!

  • Yan

    I’m in Paris and we have C&A here. Yesterday an old lady asked me where to find a store on Rue de Rivoli – I could have guessed that’s the store she was looking for – it was. C&A usually is the place for older, or really old women who cant find thier style anywhere else. The prices are reasonable and they also sell men’s clothing.

    BUT on another note I think C&A is trying to fight this association with “old” and hence the ads with Beyonce to bring in a little “youth”. I’ll have to go check out their young department “ClockHouse” and let ya’ll know what I find!

  • Candy

    OMG C&A went into adminstration in the UK. Not fair… :(