Just call him D-Nice! You haven’t been to a party unless you’ve been to a D-Nice party! This deejay spins for the best all over the globe. We’re digging D-Nice for his piercingly sexy eyes and his tech quirkiness. He’s the type of cutie you can find rubbing shoulders with industry heavy weights and later spending hours in a New York Apple Store cramming for first-gen iPads. The former Boggie Down Productions emcee turned celebrity deejay and photographer Derrick Jones is our kind of man! On the heels of a recent divorce with starlet Melinda Williams (we nearly cried), this 38-year-old Bronx-bred hasn’t skipped a beat–literally.

D-Nice regularly pens a blog where he shares his musical influences and snap shots abroad. Can you say versatility? Oh yes!

Follow D-Nice on Twitter @djdnice.

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  • Lo’rann

    Yeah he nice alright. Nice and tasty! LOL! Call me!

  • chillchic

    Yeah he was cute back in the day. “my name is D-Nice”

  • He produces a great series called “True Hip Hop Stories” that’s very raw, uncut, and simple brilliant.

    Oh. And he’s really cute.

  • dvine

    wait.. didn’t he and Milinda just get married like last yr?