Anderson Cooper commissioned an updated doll test. The journalist reveals 60 years after Kenneth and Mamie Clark’s 1947 doll test used to support the Brown v. Board of Education ruling, racial biases among school children still exist today–even with an African American president.

The video shows an African American boy pointing to a drawn White doll after being asked what skin color he wants. Later in the program when asked which doll behaves badly a White boy points to a dark-skin African American doll.

The study was used to determine the status of children’s racial beliefs, attitudes and preferences comprised of a total of 133 early and middle school children in the Northeastern and Southeastern regions of the country.

The results are astonishing yet not completely surprising. In a society where racial myths still linger in media images in film and television, Cooper’s study painfully demonstrate children are more receptive than we think.

Check out the full doll test results

Check out the original doll test results from 1947

Photo Source: CNN.com

Do you think the parents’ racial beliefs have affected these children or is it media images? Is it a combination of both? Speak on it!

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