• I absolutely LOVE this song! It reminds me of the old Diddy songs that always had us moving and shaking in the 90s lol

  • Aura

    I honestly was side-eyeing Diddy’s return with his Dirty Money incarnate but this joint is good. I love the beat! I been dancing @ to it. I wouldn’t be surprised that it would do well on the charts. Diddy needs to lose the grill though….

  • secret ninja

    am I the only one irritated and fed up with Diddy being on every single song and in every single video with his artists? i know he’s a producer but i don’t even know what a “Diddy beat” sounds like.. dude, step back and let your artists do their thing! this song sounds like this is his song and he is a member of the group– as in the lead singer! I hardly heard “Dirty Money”! this wasn’t cool in the 90’s and it’s not cool now. the only part of the song I liked was T.I.’s.