Minister Louis Farrakhan interviewed recently with TV One. Farrakhan spoke candidly to Cathy Hughes sharing his views on the presumed answer to the ‘Single Black Woman’ dilemma–interracial dating. Much of ‘SBW’ commentary suggests Black women limit themselves by only dating Black men. Actress Regina King recently stirred debate urging Black women to date interracially. Speaking exclusively to Vibe, the actress said Black women need to open up and explains Black men are willing to date everybody. The Nation of Islam under the advisory of Elijah Muhammad teaches strict rules against dating outside of the Black race, but these days Farrakhan’s views on the matter seems to have evolved. Farrakhan recalls actor Cuba Gooding Jr. asking the Minister’s thoughts on his marriage to a White woman. The Minister said, “I’d love to see the Black man with the Black woman but love transcends race.” On the other hand, Farrakhan says the bedroom has been integrated but the boardroom has not. The Minister questions is interracial dating based on lust.

Have Farrakhan views on interracial dating evolved? Check out the interview and share your thoughts!

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  • daphne


    Of course I agree with you once again. On another forum, I’m not even going to mention it here, but you wouldn’t believe all of the names I was called for dating interracially. Mind you this is suppose to be a hang-out spot online for so-called ‘black intellectuals’ lol. They got all FarraCON on me real quick lol.

    I can’t take FarraCON seriously ever since he said and I quote “Hitler was a great man” in another interview I just swore to never give him or the rest of the crazies the benefit of the doubt. Hate is hate and that is the bottom line.

    Oh yea, I was cracking up so much when he got into his conspiracy theory about AIDS. I swear I heard the theme to X-Files go off in my head.

  • Alexandra

    He is very annoying. I disagree 100% with the 2nd and 4th posters.
    He definitely is just saying that, just to be nice. This guy is racist. Its not his business who people decided to sleep with/marry/etc;
    And the white lady he said that kissed his feet (???) is a nutcase. Why would she let her son listen to such filth.