Pro Football Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor was charged with third degree rape of a 16-year-old runaway from New York City. If convicted Taylor faces up to five years in jail.

Taylor’s wife Lynette Taylor spoke exclusively to The Insider yesterday stating she doesn’t believe the allegations and it’s out of character for her husband. Taylor says, “I have no idea what he was doing with a teenager. We’re talking about reports, not what we know as facts. I don’t know if he was with a teenager. Lawrence is 51 years old. Why would a teenage girl be soliciting sex from a 51-year-old man?”

Lynette Taylor asserts her husband is innocent and she believes he was set up.

According to a filed criminal complaint the former athlete admits to paying the 16-year-old $300. Taylor’s wife says he didn’t say those words to her and she doesn’t believe he would to anyone.

When asked what would happen if she caught her husband cheating, Taylor says, “I would kick his ass.”

Is Lynette Taylor in denial? Or does she truly believe her husband is innocent?

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  • MZ

    I think that it’s crazy for his wife to say “Why would a teenage girl be soliciting sex from a 51-year-old man?”. Because clearly her 51 year old man was soliciting sex for money from a 16 year old girl and her pimp.

    We need to be concerned with why a teenage girl is being pimped. I find it appalling that If it had not involved LT we probably would have never heard this young girl’s situation.

  • Duh

    He was set up alright, set up with a prostitute via a pimp.

  • Lava

    I think his wife is an idiot.

  • coldcase

    His wife is in denial. She should let LT speak for himself. He definitely was set up with a prostitute by her pimp. The pimp should be thrown under the jail for beating and prostituting a teenage runaway. LT is just a fool for putting himself in this situation. His wife is loopy to think that men dont pay for sex with teens or women. LT’s wife should just be quiet and try to leave with whatever money and dignity is left.

  • Cleverasever

    Yes!!!!!!Major denial. Honey he has ADMITTED TO IT!!!!