According to reports, whistles and whispered talks filled the stands at the French Open’s Court Suzanne Lenglen on Sunday. It wasn’t about Venus Williams’ fierce and quick win, but about her uniform. Venus wore a black and red lacy outfit whose skin-tone lining gives a see-through look. Her small skirt easily flew up and down revealing her skin-matching undies. The Williams sisters are no strangers to racy looks on the court but is this look too sexy? One report claimed Venus looked like she was ”ready to perform in a 19th century Parisian cancan chorus line.” The dress seemingly overshadows her win at the prestigious court with a first-round 6-3, 6-3 victory over Switzerland’s star player Patty Schnyder. When asked about her look, the winning Williams sister says it’s about illusion. “It’s a lot of my motif this year” explaining her on-court original designs. Venus says she may never wear this dress on court again, but then again, she says she might.

Photo Source: AP/Laurent Rebours


Is Venus Williams’ uniform inappropriate for the game?

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  • Bantu

    *undesputible*. I knew I spelled that wrong.

  • I don’t love the look for my taste personally but she’s smart. She’s got the whole world talking about her and her name in the news. Besides, after all the years of the Williams sis fashion on the court I’m not surprised.

  • max

    I don’t think it’s “too sexy” (in fact I don’t think it’s sexy at all) but I do think it was a little inappropriate. At the end of the day, playing tennis is her profession, and who shows up at their workplace dressed like that? Nude panties notwithstanding, I don’t want to see her naked arse when I watch her match; and if I had a daughter I wouldn’t want her seeing it either.

  • Antique

    I find the outfit innapropiate as well. If it was really a tennis outfit with a touch of lace it could be something cute and creative, but this clearly looks like underwear and a tennis court is not a strip club.

    It may have grabbed a lot of attention, but what kind of attention did she want? It’s clearly not a classy outfit and in her position as a tennis super star I would have expected more.

    Additionally, and I know some people will not like my opinion, I am tired of the sexualized image of black women, especially when powerful black women promote it. They should serve as role models instead of dragging further this stereotype towards us. I used to live in Spain and many still have this ignorant slavery mentality towards us and in ocassions I was a victim of unpleasant insinuations in the street. This type of behavior and the vixen videos just contribute to this.

    I hate watching Beyonce half naked and in provocative posses or Rihanna’s Rude Boy video where she looks like a cheap tramp, when they have so much power to do better. Same thing with Venus, such a beautiful name, such a great achievement and then she shows up at the tennis court in her lingerie. Glamourless!

    I went to an Alicia Keys concert where Melanie Fiona opened and they are both two classy and talented women (who can really sing by the way) who I look up to and who inspire me.