Seems Black models will always have a place in fashion editorial–in the periphery that is. Refinery 29 calls Interview Magazine’s “Let’s Get Lost” racist. Model Daria Werbowy appears to be intoxicated by the Black party scene. Photographed by Mikael Jansson, the accompanying text says, “Daria gets lost in the heat of the night.” But what does this mean? We won’t even begin to deconstruct the obvious. Or dare add frenzy to what is designed to provoke. Don’t we know by now that controversy sells? In this case not merely “tone-on-tone” swimwear, but dying print magazines. Anything goes in a recession, right?

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  • welp, they sure missed their target because even with the contrast, the white model’s beauty is weak. my eyes are drawn to her because of the dramatic dichotomy, but her beauty surely doesn’t keep them there. i am immediately drawn to those who serve as the “background” – their grace is overwhelming! their beauty really just saturates everything and drips from the image.

    model/fashion is tricky because you can’t always discern what is for art/imagery and what isn’t.

  • hehe

    i hardly noticed there was a white girl until it was pointed out!!!

    perhaps she decided to go and party with and get to know the people she has shared a country with for a good four-hundred years or so, once she realized that we are still complete strangers, and that shouldn’t be!!!!

  • AnonyMiss

    i saw this image a few days ago and didn’t even notice the white woman to be honest. i actually like this photo and i am one of those people quick to call foul when it comes to race.

  • Nicole

    Racist.. Phf.. Whatever.. I think they are good photos, but mostly what I see is women who need to eat something!! geez.. Why is the world still so caught up on “COLOR” I love all colors and the cultures that come with them…and some cultures can be very Raw and intoxicating.. but isn’t it something “We” say and do.. “Live in the moment”. I think this person is just a little too sensitive.. Get over your self..better yet, your “COLOR”. ~ with love and respect.