“They say I was the abomination of Obama’s nation/ Well, that’s a pretty bad way to start the conversation/ At the end of day, goddammit I know I’m killin’ this sh–/ I know damn well y’all feelin’ this sh–.”

Thursday night, Kanye West returned with power– literally. His new single ‘Power’ hit the Internet with an already sweeping acclaim from industry aficionados, fans and even some haters. After Kanye West’s contentious Taylor Swift interruption at the 2009 MTV ‘Video Music Awards,’ the rapper/producer went underground. West’s image didn’t fall completely into oblivion thanks to ceaseless sightings from girlfriend Amber Rose.

The chanting single insists on the glorious head bop.

“”No one man should have all that power/The clock’s ticking/ I just count the hours/ Stop trippin’, I’m trippin’ off the power/ Till then f— that!/ The world’s ours.”

In true Ye’ form he leans on his egotistical persona with a sample from King Crimson’s “21st Century Schizoid Man.” ‘Power’ is arguably one of the hardest and most honest hip hop tracks of the year. What a way to return Ye!

“Power” is an early single from West’s upcoming album Good Ass Job. The track is co-produced by West and Symbolyc One and features vocals from singer Dwele who also appeared on West’s “Flashing Lights” hit. No released date yet announced for the album.

Kanye West “Power” by clutchmag

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