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  • secret ninja

    i love his voice, it’s really…pretty? i don’t know if that’s really the word i should use, but i really like to hear him sing. he voice has excellent quality to it, he sounds like he doesn’t have to put much effort into singing, very natural. there are very singers who have that effortless quality to their voice and he is one of them.

  • Me27

    I love LLoyd, I love his voice, and i kinda like this song…I don’t like the video. I have a hard time seeing Lloyd as a thug (or a Beast) when is voice is so soft and sweet.

    • lol I know! You can’t be a beast that sings.

  • nikki lew

    lock Mystikal up. or at least, tell him to sit down and be quiet.

    “im bout to come get it / suck my dick if / you fucked up with it / no more beating my meat / they done set me free”

    Mystikal is fresh out of jail for brutally gang-raping his hair stylist. Does Hip-Hop masculinity have NO LIMITS? This has gone too far.

  • MiamiGirl920

    I like the video, I think lloyd and mystikal did a good job. yea, it true what mystikal did was wrong, but he learned his lesson, just like what chris brown did, yea what he did was wrong, but he LEARNED HIS LESSON, people need 2 forgive, only god can have the true judgement whether 2 turn his back on or not. I love lloyd, he’s one of my favorite rnb artists 2 date, he’s super talented and he’s one of the only artists who can book shows while workin’ on his album, how many artists can u say that is actively bookin’ shows while workin’ on his/her album, besides trey songz, Ludacris, Drake, I got love 4 Trey too but…..

  • vajayjay

    Is it me or this this gay porn?