Nas recently spoke to Vibe for their “A Long Convo” series. The celebrated rapper chatted over phone about his new album Distant Relatives with Damian Marley, his relationship with Africa, newcomers Drake and J. Cole and finally his tumultuous relationship with Kelis.

When asked how often he sees his son, Nas stated: “My son was born with ice grills, so when his mom feels in the mood she sends pictures. If not, its hell. It’s hell trying to figure that out, trying to get him—I’ll just leave it at that. It’s hell. A man shouldn’t go through that shit, but it’s another story I’ma tell at a different time.”

Wow. Nas opens up a fascinating conversation around mothers harboring feelings against former lovers and not allowing them to see their children as a result. We don’t know how true this is, but it’s certainly disappointing.

What are your thoughts? Sound off!

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  • hehe

    doesn’t kelis realize, that a man who has had the opportunity to bond and spend time with his child, especially his son, will be more like to step up and take care of said child??? even more important, is that a child bonds with both parents in those first few crucial months of life, she has already cause her baby attachment issues with his father, because that time period is closing!!!

  • Rita

    Nas did mention Kelis’ name in this entire interview but he did speak with pride when asked about his children! People need to stop trying to make this interview into a controversy issue because obviously the urban blogs took that 1 answer and made a little statement into a blog post! Why didn’t you post the entire interview, so that the truth could be read! Oh, I forgot it was meant to be misleading! Nas stay strong don’t let these people back you into a corny…the man can’t even do an honest interview without people blowing it out of proportion!

  • Cant say who is right and wrong between them but both of them are wrong for even disscusing this in the press. This involves their kids they should have enough sense and maturity to keep it private and work it out.

  • AleshaY

    thats fuck up