Over the last few years, natural hair wearers have witnessed the ‘back to natural’ movement growing on the Internet via YouTube, Facebook, Fotki/Flickr albums, blogs and natural hair communities. It’s inevitable that the next stage would be for natural hair to hit the airwaves.

According to it’s website, The Nappturalite Radio Show hosted on BlogTalkRadio is dedicated to the love of all things related to Black natural hair care. The show’s host Dawn Yerger, and co-host Jaye Reliford, discuss natural hair topics, interview natural hair specialists and provide their listeners with product reviews and natural hair resources.

After The Nappturalite Radio Show airs, Jaye Reliford, hosts NappyMuseTV show. “NappyMuse” – an AS iS movement that celebrates and supports the inspirational life experience of the natural. An open live forum where discussions range from natural hair care to overall health and wellness. The Nappturalite Radio Show airs on Sunday evenings at 5pm CST/6pm EST. The “Nappy Muse” aftershow airs at 6:30 pm CST/7:30 pm EST.

The hosts of Nappturalite Radio and Nappy Muse share with CLUTCH readers their inspiration behind the natural hair forums.

Dawn Yerger:
Nappturalite Radio was birthed out of the curiosity, fascination and love of natural Black hair. It is a collaboration between Jaye Reliford, my co-host, and I. We both already had radio shows of our own, but we wanted to do something related to our mutual love of natural Black hair and natural beauty.

As a co-host on the Jaye Today Radio Show (hosted by Jaye), I shared with the cast and the audience my experience of doing the “big chop”. As I shared my experience, I thought about how fun and inspirational it would be to share my new journey with others on a radio show dedicated to natural hair. Immediately, I asked Jaye, who had been a natural for 10 years, to join me as a co-host. The Nappturalite Radio Show was born.

Our show is constantly growing. We have celebrity guests, including singer Chrisette Michele, an online book club, and meet-up events coming up in the near future. We are also getting ready to launch a search for a male co-host. Nappturalite Radio is all about enjoying the natural hair journey, and we will continue to do that for our audience.

Jaye Reliford on NappyMuse:
The name NappyMuse came to me while I was meditating. I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life. I believed she was Eve at first. She was naked and not ashamed, her skin was as if it was tar and gold had been mixed together to make her flesh. Her hair was like long wool, and her eyes were large and sweeping. Everything about her drew me in.

She walked through what looked like the Garden of Eden and everywhere she walked flowers began to grow in her footprints. When we reached the river, she turned to me and asked, “Aren’t we glad to be home?” She read my mind and answered my question before I could ask and said, “I am you”. She (the vision) disappeared and I was inspired that she was me!

I began to think about her/myself and all the beautiful women I listen to on YouTube. These women are muses to me, thus the word “muse” came to mind. Nappy is a word of controversy. A word that few can stand to bare, but it is so beautiful to me and it really cradles the word muse in a way that is so powerful.

I broke down the word into new words alphabetically. I came to this inspiration to be “Beautiful As iS” for every NappyMuse: Natural, Alluring, Proud, Poised, You. Magnificent, Unbelievable, Sensational and Elegant.

NappyMuseTV is a growing live vBlog or webcam chat/show . The show is designed to be a cross between The View, a Neo-Soul Lounge and TMZ. You are basically hanging out, and the focus is on you and your needs; and I mean everyone that comes. So, the more interaction and the more people that come equipped with webcams or mics, the better the show.

I am excited about our push to draw more international fellowship and interaction from the UK, Africa and other countries within the “naptural” community on the show. I am reaching out to “naptural” communities and countries that have the ability to tune into the show.

We are going to make people fall in love with the word nappy. Viewers can look forward to a segment I am working on called “Pursuit of Nappyness”. There will also be contests and challenges with prizes and incentives, and a few surprises.

More Info:
Nappturalite Radio: www.blogtalkradio.com/nappturalite
Nappturalite website: http://bit.ly/nappturaliteradio.
Nappy Muse: nappymuse.com

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