You’ve graduated. Congrats! While packing away your cap and gown as keepsake, you’ve likely wondered what your next move should be. Some of you will take some time off to think about what that will be (not all will have a choice in the matter), and, many of you are ready to jump into a career despite the challenges and tales of doom and gloom in the work world. But if your next move is a career one now or in the near future, you will need the perfect resume to help you get a foot in the door. Good resume writing services don’t come cheap. In fact, it could cost $200 or more for professional services. If a visit to the career services center on campus wasn’t apart of your exit strategy, or you don’t have the funds to invest in professional resume writing services right now, learn to produce a resume that sets you apart from others yourself. It’s a good idea since resumes need to updated often.  BlueSkyResumes.com offers a free resume course and free resume help is available. You can also find out what your job search IQ is, and gain helpful tips to improve your search skills.

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