According to the Wall Street Journal, immigrants from the Dominican Republic are “snipping away market share” from African-American stylists whose livelihood depends on our continued loyalty.

Dominican salons known for their “blowout” technique in New York since the 1980’s are growing at a rapid rate in cities across the nation.

Offering cheaper prices often by $20, the Dominican technique has traditional African-American salons up in arms. Speaking to the Washington Post, a 39-year-old stylist says, “We have Asians coming in with the beauty supplies and Dominicans coming in taking over our industry.”

But according to reports, if some African-American salons can’t beat them they’d rather join them. One salon owner opened in 2008 as a traditional African-American salon and after facing closing, she replaced her stylists with Dominicans, learned Spanish, and reduced her prices by $10 with merengue playing on the stereo. She says sales tripled.

Still “Bad Boy” Romeo Crews, a known Atlanta stylist is not worried. He says, “Let me tell you, they are helping my business because people are coming to me after the Dominicans make their hair fall out.”

Would you trade your African-American stylist for a less expensive Dominican salon? Share your thoughts with us!

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