From The BVX — “The Boondocks” creator Aaron McGruder has never been an “Obama d–k-rider.” So it wasn’t a huge surprise that the season 3 premiere, “It’s a Black President, Huey Freeman,” took aim at the president and his overzealous supporters. But was this satirical take on “Obama-mania” and unrealistic expectations accurate?

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Any rational person knew that our first black president wouldn’t cure cancer, make our teeth whiter or stop Kanye outbursts in his first 100 days but, nonetheless we did have some pretty high expectations for Obama. Similar to Boondocks’ character Robert “Granddad” Freeman, some of us were surprised to learn that Obama wasn’t lowering our taxes, bringing our troops home from Afghanistan immediately or against corporate bailouts.

In the episode McGruder seems to argue that Obama would continue the policies of his predecessor, George W. Bush. But is he right? Is Obama merely “Bush light” or are his liberal credentials still solid as Barack? Let’s examine a few issues

1. Military Strategy

Contrary to the belief of the Boondocks’ Granddad, Obama never vowed to bring the American troops home from Afghanistan. In fact, throughout his presidential campaign he promised to beef up the campaign against the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan if elected. And in late 2009, he made good on that promise by sending an additional 30,000 troops to the region. Still, if you consider the way we were duped into getting involved in the Iraq war and everything that’s gone wrong since that conflict seven years ago, it’s not unreasonable to question just what, if anything, Obama thinks the Army can accomplish in Afghanistan.

2. Bailout Nation

Again, Obama didn’t promise to end government bailouts. As president-elect, he supported passage of Bush’s bank bailout known as TARP. After taking office, he authorized the release of millions more to large U.S. banks and later to the auto industry, both of which his administration deemed too important to the economy to let implode. And how was the favor returned? In some cases, with taxpayer-funded bonuses and “golden parachutes.” And now it looks like one giant investment bank, Goldman Sachs, is under criminal investigation for allegedly defrauding its customers. What Obama did that was eerily Bush-like was talk the talk about taking on Wall Street, while walking the walk with their donations to his campaign all the way to the bank.

3. Energy

You get the sense that Obama doesn’t really like the idea of expanding the use of nuclear power or drilling off the U.S. coast. But in an attempt to stay true to his reputation as the Great Reconciler, he disappointed environmental groups and said he’d be open to both. Bush also lobbied for these policies although the Democratic Congress he was dealt in the final years of his presidency blocked either from taking place. Of course, that was before an underwater oil well exploded and leaked a bazillion gallons of irony in the Gulf of Mexico. Bush seemed not to learn his lesson after a number of high-profile disasters and chose to pursue his wrongheaded strategies. Will Obama do the same with respect to offshore drilling?

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  • Tiffany W.

    I don’t think the show’s angle was to make President Obama out to be a disappointment. He’s just not black Superman to black people and black issues, as most thought he would be. Hence the C Murder situation with his sister (“WHERE IS OBAMA?”/ “OBAMA SAVE US”). Uhh….your brother murdered someone. You think the President has the time for that?

    All in all, he is the President of the United States of America—not Black America.

  • Akai*

    I love The Boondocks and usually find McGruder’s take on things to be on point, but I disagree with the insinuations of this episode.

    Being an individual that donated to the Obama campaign to the maximum amount allowed by law, canvassed, registered voters, volunteered and assisted non-English speakers, made hot tea and homemade bread to share before my husband and myself picked up several who did not have a way to the polls on election day … I am not disappointed!

    I’m not politically naïve by a long shot and never agreed with then Senator Obama on everything before November 2008, nor have I agreed with him and his administration on every single action, policy or initiative taken since entering office. To that I say “Big deal!” as I don’t agree with my own beloved parents on everything either but, do I still support President Obama? Yes, without a doubt!!!

    A lot of blood is on Dub Bush’s hands and he and his filthy, lying, war-mongering, war-profiteering cronies needed to go. I knew there’d be serious challenges after that dumbass left office and that the future held a long list of hot messes to be cleaned.

    Obama had my support because I felt him sincere and more of his positions, stands and ideas were in line with my own (over any other candidate) and HC is da debil IMO. I knew it would be a bad and short-sighted move to snatch all troops out of a trumped-up war in under 3 years; I never saw Obama as some sort of sugar-daddy/savior and imagined no one capable of correcting 8 years of Bush f*ckups in under 4 years.

    I definitely find it stupid that some people (i.e. Tavis Smiley) expected/wanted President Obama to leap tall buildings in a single bound or serve some “black agenda” when AAs only make up 13% of America’s population. Barack Obama is President of all 300+ million citizens in the country and it took whites, Latinos, Asians etc. to vote him into office.

    I think being POTUS is like running a business in a small sense. You receive a quick lesson upon first opening (taking office). You get a rude awakening the about game of politricks, the power of lobbyists, degree of back-scratching that goes on etc. and realize it’s going to take more than idealism and good intentions. Those outside the office (critics) have no idea of the challenges and unexpected events that can crop up on any given day or the compromises, maneuvering (bipartisan bickering, egos) and decisions (POTUS is not a dictator and needs the cooperation of the house and senate [Congress]) that have to be finessed to get things done or make things work and flow.

    You’re privy to sh*t regular every Joes have no idea about yet try like hell to be fair and look out for the best interests of all, but there will always be those (citizens) complaining, thinking they know best, and talking a gang of judgmental sh*t for no reason and when they’ve absolutely no idea what the hell they’re talking about, let alone what it takes to run a successful company. Were they in the owner’s chair (Oval Office) and it was their business and money on the line, they’d see things differently, probably do the same, and think twice about blabbing out of school. …government can only do so much and the rest is up to individuals.

    p.s. I’m neither Democrat nor Republican and teatards, tax protesters, birthers from Birfistan, Palinite insects, Fox News sycophants, right wacknuts and those who ride the ***-sacks of idiots like Beck and Limbaugh without question are hilarious!!!