From Black Voices — Some of us go to college for the fulfillment of education. Some of us go to college to build a better life or have a strong career. Whatever your reasons for wanting to go to college, the average salary of your chosen major can make the difference between smiling on your graduation day or wishing you could start all over again.
Here are the ten highest paying majors in college, starting from the highest to the lowest. Maybe after seeing this list, you can figure out how much you want to earn after college is over — or if you are funding an education, you might steer your student to make different choices.

1. Engineering. I was an engineering major in college. One of the things they don’t tell you is that engineering is really difficult. The average first year salary for an engineer is about $59,000 and the average mid-career salary is $101,000. Not bad for a bachelor’s degree.

2. Economics. This surprises me because many of my friends who majored in economics never found a job. The high average salary of economics majors is probably skewed by the kids that go to work on Wall Street. Also, economics majors from a business school tend to do better than those who get their degree at a liberal arts college. The average first year salary is about $50,200 and the average salary in the middle of your career is $101,000.

3. Physics. Physics is tough, but if you can get through it, you can build a career as a teacher, lab tech or computer programmer. The average starting salary is $51,100 and the average mid-career salary is $98,800.

4. Computer Science. In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of computers around these days. CS majors earn about $56,400 starting off and get up to about $97,400 mid-career.

5. Statistics. If you like crunching numbers, you can go crunch for a living with a company that might need your expertise. The average statistician’s salary is about $48,600 and mid-career salary is $94,500.

6. Biochemistry. Biochem grads can be lab techs or research assistants. This degree also allows you to do more
advanced work in medicine and science. The average starting salary is $41,700 and the average mid-career salary is $94,200.

7. Mathematics. This major can be tough, but fulfilling. Math majors can do almost anything, from banking to computer science. The average starting salary of a math major is $47,000 and the average mid-career salary is $93,600.

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  • jay

    I strongly agree with this article. Students are graduating from top schools & are unable to secure jobs. In this economy, we need to encourage student to pick majors that are profitable. You can follow your passion at any point of your life. A degree doesn’t equate to your passion.. Certain fields, ie. sciences & engineering are proven to grant some sort of stability and assurance. It doesn’t matter what your major was if you have drive to pursue your passion. My best friend is a chemist and opened a salon. I majored in Information Systems & worked for one of the leading fashion houses.

    Unfortunately to have certain techincal or banking careers, employers want students who majored in business, engineering, biochem, physics. Encourage students to step up to the challenge.

  • Maureen

    What about the medicine/ health care related majors, e.g. Nursing?

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