We don’t blindly follow trends–or much of anything for that matter. But we couldn’t help to notice starlets like Janet Jackson, Toni Braxton and Estelle going glam in recent red carpet appearances and music videos with oops-no earrings. Could a new and fresh summer trend be upon us?

Most women feel naked without earrings–we certainly do. But is this sort of ‘naked’, au naturel aesthetic a mark of a new era in short coiffed and demure style? Janet Jackson showed off her new cut at the London premiere of ‘Why Did I Get Married Too?’ Her effortless makeup compliments the understated, “I’m not trying too hard” suggestion of an earring-less ear. Who would have thought Estelle’s minimalist December 2008 Stella magazine cover would become a new statement? We co-sign ‘less is more’ fashion, but no earrings?

What do you ladies rocking short cuts and off-the-face hairstyles say? Would you go for earring-less style?

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  • As someone who has been rocking variations of the short cut for a few years, I can say that earrings are a fantastic way to top the style off. Especially when I’m due for a trip to the salon, nothing gets me by like hip, oversized hoop. In my opinion, short hair should always be accompanied by an earring, even if it is a classy pearl or sparkling diamond.

  • Vixenlibra

    I feel so weird without earrings. I can hardly even bear it when I’m wearing small studs…which I wear only because I cherish them as a gift from my husband. I walked out of the house today (in an ultimate hurry) and noticed in the car window that I forgot my earrings and had to go back in the house. In the past I have forgot earrings on my way to work and instead of having time to go back to the house made a quick stop at the hair supply store. Crazy I know :)

  • I feel like earrings give me a whole new look. Can I go without? Yes. Will I, not unless I lose one :).