Before we had a chance to digest this video, yet another video surfaces of cursing tot. This video shows an African American boy hardily out of diapers singing to rapper Waka Flocka Flame’s “Oh Let’s Do It” track. Coached by adults not seen in the video, the child is draped in a gold chain, and yes, he rhymes like a grown-up with all profanities included. In the words of a commenter, “If this video can be traced, child protective services should be called.” Indeed. We’re interested in less laughs and more problem-solving.

Terrible parenting is nothing new. But is cursing tots a new YouTube trend?

Our hearts go out to these impressionable children. What do you think should be done about these videos?

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  • Keep it funky:

    If you gonna teach your kids to “rap”, teach them the real “ish”. Langston. Sojourner. Zora. Baldwin. Gil Scot. Lorde. Not this watered down goon/coon garbage. No nice way to put it, if you raise your child on this – you might as well sell them into slavery, because you selling them short and sending them straight into the industrial prison complex with a slave mindset anyway.

  • This ish is getting ridiculous….
    So older generation, don’t get mad when these kind of kids grow up into young adults and have to take care of you…This is the kind of children that people are raising…Damn shame…

  • binky

    smh…this is getting crazy and out of hand. These “parents” if you want to call them that are setting no standard for their kids. Nothing is cute about that, but just sad and depressing

  • 2cents

    Babies raisin Babies. Not saying everyone who has a child if they’re under the age of 20 is like this, but the probability of “Jay Money”‘s parent being over the age of 21 is highly unlikely. Mom & Dad think this is cute; rest assured it won’t be when he still acting like a baby boy living with his Mom (possibly on house arrest if he’s lucky), 20 years old, didn’t finish high school, thinking “High school isn’t for everybody, look at Kobe Bryant”, trying to get his music career off the ground.
    Why do parent’s think it cute for kids TODDLERS to listen to adult music, and watch BET videos, practice p-poppin and grindin? Children are not your little homies.

  • Golden Silence

    The video’s been removed from YouTube. Good! That trash doesn’t need to be floating on the ‘Net.

    I hope they tracked that kid’s parents down before the video was removed. I never understood those parents who thought that teaching their kids how to curse and fight was funny.