Adopting children is not only a Hollywood thing. Wealthy Americans have long taken orphan children abroad and domestically into their homes. What’s more, recent adoption trends show ordinary women and men, with or without millions are adopting children at increasing rates.

Stars like Angelina Jolie, Madonna and most recently, Sandra Bullock are constantly criticized for allegedly seeking to gain publicity by adopting international children, and particularly children from Africa. When Bullock adopted an African American baby boy from a post-Katrina New Orleans, the Hollywood actress received a mix of contention and applause from Black Americans. But where are the African American stars, should Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Denzel and Pauletta Washington or Jay Z and Beyonce consider adoption?

Alicia Keys, 29, certainly has adoption on her mind.

On the heels of her recent performance at the World Cup opening ceremony in South Africa, the singer and actress took time to visit the impoverished townships that stands stricken in the shadows of the multi-million dollar FIFA stadium. In a recent interview with The Mirror UK, the singer revealed it was an emotional experience when she witnessed how the HIV/AIDS epidemic has affected the country. Reportedly, the star was so moved by her visits to the continent she says she and her finance Swizz Beatz’s might follow in the footsteps of Jolie and Madonna by adopting an African child. Keys shares, “Adopting is definitely not out of the question. I would love to figure out ways that could work for me. I felt I wanted to scoop up the children I met in Africa and take them home.”

Although the ‘Unthinkable’ singer is pregnant with her first child, it could set a positive example to other stars in Black Hollywood if she and Swizz Beatz choose to adopt their next child.

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What are your thoughts? Do you think more African American stars should adopt? Would you consider adoption?

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  • The True

    First of all I lot of Africam Amerian adopt but you don’t see them running to the media showing off their kids. So the world can praise them. And second all those white people had no kids or only have one child. So it is easy for them cause their loney or can’t have kids. My celebrity black people alread have more then one kids so there happy, and those same parent support chairty. Africa needs to pull together and fight for their country to get fix Blacks in the early America had to fight to get to be equal all by ourselves no other countries help us. So AFRICAN CAN DO THE SAME.

  • I think adoption is a wonderful thing. I would certainly adopt! I want to adopt, but my husband is not so open to the idea. I’m assuming many people feel like him, that the only children in his house will be the children that we produce. I feel like there are so many children out there who don’t have a family or know what it’s like to be loved and celebrated. I would absolutely love to be able to give that to someone. Perhaps the process of adoption is a discouragement to some people. I hear it’s a long and tedious process, but if you are giving someone a life to be responsible for, it shouldn’t be rushed.

  • Ilana

    I was discussing this topic today with my husband as I am working towards a Ph.D.. in Clinical Counseling and Mental Health, with certification in Traumatology. I just completed extensive research in the areal of adoption triad, (adoptee, adoptive-parent and the relinquishing parents) and the joys and pain of adoption,

    As I was pondering what seems to be a trend of celebrities adopting I wondered if it is becoming the “thing to do …. Like when all the celebrities were adopting tiny dogs to care in their purses? I do think it can be a good example to others desiring to adopt, because there a many children out there that need good homes.

    It will be interesting to observe this and follow future developments in this area.