“Oh my God, I’m single” rap icon Nas tells radio host Bootleg in a recent interview at Las Vegas’ Hot 97.5 FM. “I was going through it.” The newly single rapper gains closure from his 5-year marriage with singer Kelis by covering a tattoo of his former wife. The image of a topless Kelis in jeans is now covered with a lions head on top of her body. No reports confirm if Nas will continue his tattoo alteration covering Kelis’ entire body.

Nas isn’t the only hip hopper with body art devotions to lovers. Jermaine Dupri also has a tattoo of former girlfriend Janet Jackson. The rapper/producer has an image of Janet on the side of his body near his right rib showing her in a praying pose.

Loads of smitten women and men around the world get names, pictures and other kinds of images showing the ultimate kind of permanent commitment. Even rappers Pepa and Treach got tattooed engagement rings in 1999. These couples are no longer together.

Is it really worth it? Would you get a tattoo of your lover?

Check out Nas’ new tattoo in the video (skip to the 8:37 mark)

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  • Zaza100

    Even when they were together,that tattoo is still awful.I would be mortified if my husband had a tackyass naked portrait of me scrawled on his arm;what the hell!?

  • I’ve always been anti tattoos of the opposite sex (names, faces, etc…)

    Since getting married, I would get something that was meaningful to my husband and I, though I still don’t want a name plastered across my body. We have the same birthday (same year) and have thought about getting that. It has meaning to both of us… but in terms of his name or face? No way. Not for me.

  • caramelgirl

    rae rae, i like that idea. honestly im not too against the whole getting a tattoo of your lover. i know theres plenty of what ifs but life is short and if you passionately love something,and its your body, why not? the whole face and big name is a bit extra but i do like the idea of something special, inconspicuous , something that only that special someone would recognize and appreciate.

  • Trust me I disagree wholeheartedly with this nonsense. You are putting a person on you, who 9 times out of 10 will not be there tomorrow. Marking your body with this is nonsense.