There is no true glam moment without the coveted application of faux eyelashes. Hollywood starlets like Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez and Oprah all swear by them. Songstresses Rihanna, Beyonce and Keri Hilson flock to the “Eyelash Guru” Ja’Maal Buster whose own signature line of mink eyelashes can cost up to $125.

But these days eyelash extensions are the latest beauty craze, where the initial application and touch-ups every few weeks can cost up a $1000!

Reporting for Lemondrop, beauty expert Maureen Dempsey revealed she spent $700 in a New York salon for her customized silk eyelash extensions. And the crazy thing about it is, Maureen says she would do it again!

“I blew $700 on my eyelashes in two months. I know, it sounds crazy, but those two months were the most glorious eight weeks of my cosmetic life. And I’d do it again if I could scrounge up the cash!”

Eyelash extensions are often the more natural and lasting alternative to the application of a clusters or single lashes. Extensions will last up to three months with regular touch-ups, light combing and the application of a nutrient complex.

So what do you say ladies? How much cash would drop for customized eyelash extensions? Would you wear them at all?

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