“How to Walk In High Heels,” a British government-funded college course is causing quite the stir across the pond. According to the Mirror, five students at the South Thames College in South London signed up for the course costing 750 pounds ($1085). The instructor Chyna Whyne says she set up the lessons because of her own back problems from wearing high heels as a back-up singer.

Students enrolled in the course seemed to be loving it. One student reported it boosted her confidence in stilettos. She said, “I no longer feel pain on a night out. I can finally rock my heels.”

The Taxpayers’ Alliance Chief isn’t happy. Executive Matthew Elliot says the course is a “silly gimmick.” The instructor defended the course stating heel-related injuries are “unbelievably high.”

Sure would have been a fun one-credit course on this side of the pond. You know shoe designers everywhere are loving this!

Do you think this course is a waste of British government funds? Would U.S. colleges invest in such a course? Sound-off!

Photo Source: Michael Lewis London

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  • Akai*

    Should something like this be funded by taxpayers?

    Hell to the naw!

    Is it important for females (that choose to wear heals) to master?

    Having spent years learning to dance (without missing a beat) in heals, absolutely! There is nothing more awkward-looking than a chick who doesn’t know how to walk in heals with poise and seemless posture.

    I don’t feel heals should be worn daily and, although keeping the body and feet healthy is extremely important for dancers, these things as well as how to walk, choosing well-made and properly fitted shoes etc. are important for everyone to avoid back, ankle etc. pain and injury.

  • I think it’s a good idea. The British government is smart. If a women falls down and breaks her ankle, she could sue the government for bad sidewalks or something and they’ll have to pay. Now they can just say “well you should have learned to walk in heels in college” the next time someone complains and can avoid the payout.

    I work in NYC and you don’t know how many women per block I see walking around in heels who look like they’re about to tip over. Maybe if they had a course like this, that wouldn’t happen. Maybe the US should consider this, lol.