Racialicious writer Latoya Peterson responds to a Teen Vogue letter: “I like him, but what if he’s not into Black girls?”

Ask Racialicious Special: Teen Vogue Edition

Rachel Simmons, advice columnist to Teen Vogue, sent me an interesting query from one of her readers. The question? “I Like Him, But What If He’s Not Into Black Girls?

Poor kid – I sent it around to the team, figuring we could all relate. And we could.

Here’s what ended up in Teen Vogue:

In our team-only conversation, Thea (another Racialicious writer) mentioned:

Photo Source: Teen Vogue

Readers, what would be your advice to Jackie?

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  • Kassie

    I thought a lot of the same things when I went after guys. Actually, what was worse was after getting into the relationship worrying about what their families would think of me!

  • janQUA

    I think I’m gunna throw up

  • janQUA

    Enough with this bs…Its propaganda people. Wake up!!

  • Bria

    I genuinely agree with what was said in the article. I ,myself, am in high school and my friends know better than anyone else that i like anything cute and with a pulse.Lol it just so happens that I happen to like white boys and hispanics more than black boys. I’ll be like..”Girl Alfredo is lookin nice fine today!!” or “Ohhh Carlos knows he looks good!!” Im not racist or anything but most of the teasing and taunting I’ve ever recieved came from black guys.. so I guess its just a psychological thing with me. Either way true love is color blind. My favorite eye color is green and I think guys with shaggy hair are really cute. Every crush I’ve had since 6th grade hasnt been fully black. Im all for inter-racial relationships and have never had a boyfriend. If all goes according to plan, I should be with this good lookin Salvadoranian guy in the next couple of months. xD

  • okay so i like this guy that i pass in the hallway going to third period. We don’t really know each other because he is in one grade above me. He is a triplet but, i can tell them apart. I’ve liked him for about a year and he hasn’t even recognized me until today when we almost bumped into each other. i don’t know how to talk to him because I’m black and he is white. I hang out with a lot of black friends but i also have a great amount of white and mixed. I don’t discriminate (although i prefer white guys over black guys) what if he does? I”m shy and I don’t really know how to talk to a good white soccer player white guy because i have a jerk magnet stuck to my forehead apparently. do you have any tips on how to approach him?