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  • Akai*

    Far better than her ex-groupmate’s (Kiely’s) Skanktacular, but I don’t think Naturi’s joint is going anywhere.

    The phony-pony was killing me; her wardrobe was a hot mess on burnt toast; and the choreography made baby Jesus cry.

  • LMFAO!!! Im sorry but I keep thinking… “IT MUST’VE BEEN A TYPO! TYPO! TYPO! MUST’VE BEEN A TYPO! I CAN’T BE TRUE!!!” *bows head in shame*

  • it wasnt that bad it seems like one of those songs thats gonna hafta grow on me, and its 15 times better than spectacular

  • lilkunta

    Please just spell out the word haters.
    2pac started spelling w #s & now all you are doing it. It isnt cool.

    Now the song is ok. I know you are able to sing Naturi but IMO this doesnt showcase that.

  • Im sorry but this video is horrid- who was her stylist -bustiers with harem pants and silver jewelry? Wasnt her fit gold?? I cannot -this is embarrassing hang it up girlie stick to acting, 3LW days been over!