Like the old saying goes “a woman’s hair is her glory.” But do we feel the glory when our hair looks an unhealthy, dry, and spit-end mess?

When our hair is ‘laid,’ natural or straight, it makes those get-ready mornings extra smooth. Frustration and late days at the office can occur when our hair is not at its best.

Dr. Marianne LaFrance, Yale University Professor of Psychology and Women’s and Gender studies examined how individuals felt during bad hair days.

According to the study, bad hair days increases self-doubt and social insecurities. The study even found bad hair days can lead to poor job performance.

“Individuals perceive their capabilities to be significantly lower than others when experiencing bad hair,” Professor LaFrance stated in the research’s findings.

Surprisingly even men are affected. LaFrance says, “Men felt less smart and confident and females reported feeling more bothered and embarrassed than males.”

Bad hair days are universal, affecting all people, across gender, socioeconomic status and race. There are certainly more pressing matters happening in the world, but can we really afford for a bad hair day to affect our work at the office? Not in this job market!


How do you manage your bad hair days? Is your  job performance or self-esteem affected? Share your thoughts with us!

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  • Ashleigh

    I absolutely agree! If my hair is not on point it screws up my capacity to focus on anything else.

  • Prissy

    Some of us (definitely not all) are the first to scream “I am not my hair” but when its not laid right we feel off. I wonder why that is….

  • Lo’rann

    Usually about the time when I’m having a bad hair day/face day is the moment when everyone decides they want to come talk to me and be all up in my space. LOL!

    • Miss Jae

      Exactly! And then they want to compliment you on how good you look!…You smile & politely say thank you, but deep inside you’re screaming, “Doesn’t this fine man see this HUGE zit on my forehead?!”

      But then when you do look fly with your hair done, nails/toes done, & the cutest outfit, you get nada!?! What’s up with that?

  • ali

    Heck yes, self esteem is very much affected! haha. I didnt need a Yale University study to tell me that. Shorter cuts make it easy though. Just tie it down the night before and youre good to go : )

  • binky

    I think if we don’t feel good about ourselves in regards to our appearance in general that day, week or month we are a bit down and our esteem is off so it isn’t far off that it would affect things like work, schools, etc. but we should know that our outer appearance doesn’t make us but a dose of confidence goes a LONGGGG way