What’s your favorite summer hairstyle? For me it’s braided or twisted buns. The following bloggers share their favorite summer hairstyles with CLUTCH . Each of these beautiful do-it-yourself styles take just minutes to achieve.

BlaqKofi’s Loc Updo
BlaqKofi doesn’t use many products on her hair. The only things she used to create this beautiful updo is water and a few bendable curlers.

First mist hair with water, then roll. Allow hair to dry and gently release each curl to the desired amount of fullness. Pin/clip sides back or use a hair tie to pull high, pull out a few soft curls around the face and nape of neck and voila! You’re off and running in 10 minutes or less.

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Milan’s Twist-Out
I first stretch my hair via braids (braid it nightly) for two days, once my hair’s stretched pretty good, section by section I mist my hair with a homemade mist: water, Aloe Vera juice, grapeseed oil, and a little Giovanni Smooth as Silk conditioner and comb it through to detangle and evenly distribute.

I flat twist the front and top sections of my hair in a downward direction and then do medium to large, free two-strand twists on the rest of my hair. The next day, I rub a little grapeseed oil in my hands and take down the twists and fluff. Sometimes I will put some of the front pieces in small two strand twists and/or add a hair flower That’s it!

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Brittany’s Curly Locs
I consider curly locs to be what naturals call a “protective style”. Curling your locs can prevent you from playing in them and feeling as if you HAVE to do them. And it’s easy as sweet potato pie, mama!

The sizes of the perm rod rollers are completely up to you. If you would like tighter curls, go with smaller rods. If your preference is larger curls, go with larger rods. You will get the best results of this hairstyle by doing it on wet hair. You don’t have to wash your locs, but make sure that they are saturated with a good amount of water.

I like to use Aloe Vera gel or Organics Stimulator Loc & Twist gel, but really you can use any product that will give your hair some kind of hold. And then get your roll on! The best thing about rolling the locs is that there really isn’t a method. You don’t have to separate the hair a certain way or anything.

I like to sit under the dryer for a good 20 minutes or so but that is completely optional. The locs will still curl beautifully without the use of heat. Gently remove your rollers and style as you like. You can finger comb them, pin the up, swoop them to the side, do an up-do or simply leave them be. The curls will last through sweaty work-outs, a run in the rain and hours of lounging by the pool. Toss a flower in and girl you’ve got a loc rockin’ summer style!

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Tamara of Natural Hair Rules Braid-Out style
First, I wash my hair either with a gentle sulfate-free shampoo or conditioner. After fully detangling, rub leave-in conditioner and moisturizer from root to tip. Less is more when using styling products such as Miss Jessie’s that have moisturizing ingredients in their styling products. I recommend sectioning your hair in four parts. Start in the back of your head and work your way to the front.

Throughout the braiding process keep a spray bottle handy. Finger comb styling product into the section from root to tip to minimize frizz. After braiding, twist the ends of the braid in between your thumb and index finger to encourage the end of the braid to curl. If you are transitioning or want a larger curl at the end of the braid; roll the ends with a roller. When finished braiding, seal in moisture with your favorite oil.

It is very important to allow the hair to dry completely before unraveling. Take care not to disturb the wave/curl pattern of the braids. This will help to minimize frizz. To achieve a fuller look; fluff the hair by pulling the braid-out sections apart and also use your fingers to rake the hair at the roots to cover parts. To maintain this style cover with a satin bonnet or scarf before bed.

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Curly Nikki of Curly Nikki.com presents Princess Lea
The style is easy to do, lasts for a week, and is great if you workout regularly. I always start with soaking wet, detangled hair separated into two halves.

Products: Deva Care One for styling, smoothing, and moisture, Ouchless Pony Tail Holders to secure the buns, Deva Set it Free (optional) for definition and frizz reduction and a Goody Ouchless Brush for detangling (optional).

Remove the twists and add a generous amount of Deva Care or DevaCurl One (Set it Free is optional). Rake product through so that your curls/waves clump for improved definition. Part your hair down the middle and use the pony tail holders to keep sides separate. On the first side, section out a 1 to 2 inch chunk of hair at your face and flat twist that section.

Gather the twist and loose hair into a Goody ponytail holder. Pull through twice, and only halfway through on the third time. You could also use bobby pins to secure the bun. Repeat steps with the other side. Allow to air dry unmanipulated to avoid frizzing. I lightly spritz my hair with a filtered water/conditioner mix, smooth, and then don my satin scarf.

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