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  • Daja

    I love Theophilus’ music. his music hits the right mark in my book. I like the video, but I wouldn’t say I love it. For osme reason this chick puts me in the mind of Nicki Minaj (sp?).

  • I know him personally. He’s “charming” at first. But he’s screwed over a lot of people to become famous… Be that as it may, this video tries way too hard, but fails miserably to achieve anything that Vashtie set out to do. “French experimental cinema”? Gimme a break…

  • Mai

    For the past year, I’ve questioned the originality of recent statements made in fashion, music, and art. Moreover, it’s time for an artistic renaissance. As the first decade of the new millennium is ending, technology has been rendered as the vanguard of decade statements. Technological trends have occurred while creative movements are recycled and branded as new for today’s youth.

    Theophilus London, “center of the new urban pop movement”, is a direct example of musical….

    Check out more at http://stylebust.com/2010/06/21/theophilus-london-i-want-you/