In our busy worlds, most days the mail probably gets tossed in a corner. And, with technology advancing seemingly everyday, information like bank balances can be obtained in seconds. You can even get past transactions made on your account using the bank’s automated phone system, your BlackBerry or iPhone. It’s an easy thing to get used too, and many have come to rely on it. Unfortunately, using automated systems and other forms of popular technology for banking information isn’t ideal for seeing the big picture of what could really be going on with your checking account. People sometimes have no idea their losing money, or getting charged for services they’ve forgotten about, and no longer need. You may not catch issues such as these without looking at your entire statement, whether mailed to you or online.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve examined your full statement, it’s time for a check-up! These preventative measures will help you keep money in the bank!

  • Banks make errors all the time. From depositing to withdrawing money from the wrong accounts. And, while banks are excellent at tracking money their missing funds, don’t expect them to work so hard looking for yours. That is unless you tell them too, which means you’ll have to be the one to catch the problem. The best way to do that is by checking your statement thoroughly every month.
  • Make sure you stop any automatic payments on your account for services you signed up for, but no longer need or want. It’s easy to forget about something you’ve subscribed to, especially if it’s inexpensive.
  • Don’t let a free trials expire and turn into full charges if you have no intentions of keeping the service.
  • Watch out for automatic renewals of subscriptions you feel are no longer necessary. There may be a cancellation fee, but that’s better than a full charge or a few.
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