Christian Dior’s front man John Galliano takes fashion branding to a whole new level with the launch of “Dior Eyes.” The lenses currently on sale in Europe retail for up to $145 and come in luxury cases. “Dior Eyes” have gilded edging and the iconic couturier’s CD monogram in the lower corner.

From double C Chanel tattoos to Louie Vuitton LV monogram car detailing, people often take their love for labels too far. But Christian Dior logo contact lenses has got to be in the bowels of chronic fashion obsession.

And they said Diddy was bad.

What do you think about Dior’s contacts? Would you try these?


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  • all the thugs and hood folks gon “cop” these and they’ll be saying “i’ma kill em with these” …just watch

  • Eva

    Hmm not too keen on this, even if it was cheaper! There’s women’s fashion and then there’s fashion going too far. Think I’ll just stick to my normal women’s clothing and accessories!